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Caulking of windows by joint reported

The time is heating savings. Windows, we know, are responsible for 15% of energy leakage from an uninsulated home. In the case of an apartment, this proportion is much larger. When one does not want or can replace its windows, the first thing to do is to limit the air intake between the window itself and the frame, in other words between the opening and the frame. Caulking can be achieved by attached joints, the simplest and most economical solution.

The space between the window and its frame ends, over time, widen, leaving cold air to enter the house. Different types of joints make it possible to caulk this space, giving the window a good deal of airtightness. Most joints, whether foam, rubber or PVC, are to stick in the rabbet of the frame, that is to say the fixed part of the window. The priority will be to dust off the rebate, clean it thoroughly and even degrease it. This is the essential condition for the seal to adhere properly and ensure its long-lasting function.

Caulking of windows by joint reported

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