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I made in 2000 an extension of my house in traditional 6x4.5m and the ceiling is down. We realized this because of cracks and the tapestry that had curled up. It is plaster and brick. I thought of putting an iron angle all around to support it. What do you think and you have another solution.

when ceiling sinkswe must first understand the cause of this subsidence. With such a range, installing peripheral angles will solve nothing. If it is a structural problem, in the worst case, the ceiling will belly and eventually break.
Concretely, we must check if the problem comes from the supporting structure (usually wooden joists are where the terracotta elements are hung). These joists can be collapsed over time and now be stabilized. They can also be attacked by termites or other pests, and be weakened.
If it is a simple subsidence and the phenomenon is stabilized, there is not much to do, if not to resume the interior decoration.
If the structure is weakened, the problem must be addressed at this level: termite treatment or others, reinforcement, replacement...
I think you should take the advice of a professional. Your security depends on it.

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