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We have been in our house for 2 years and we finally wanted to close our closets with sliding doors. Standard sizes in store height 2.50m. Big surprises when posing, the doors are too short. Indeed the ceiling is 2.55m. Can we ask the builder a few things by referring to the decennial insurance? Negotiate customized doors or lower the ceiling as planned on the plans! Thank you in advance for your response,

The ceiling height is usually 2.50 m, which explains why a number of finishing products and fittings are set on this dimension. That said, adapt sliding doors interposing a shim of 5 cm at the top still seems simpler than to engage a decennial action (which has no chance of succeeding, since the "default" does not prevent you to use the house normally), or to consider going down all the 5 cm ceilings. You will be objected, moreover, that you had the opportunity to control this height at the reception, then for a year...

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