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The staff ceiling, like the coffered ceiling, has often been used in beautiful French homes to highlight beautiful reliefs and illuminate the atmosphere of a room. This type of baroque ceiling is currently enjoying renewed interest. But what is a staff ceiling and how to install one in your home? All answers are on DuitDesign.

The ceiling in staff: what is it?

The staff ceiling is a simple ceiling, ornamented with molded decorations, a material based on plaster. These trim are then painted, often in colors like gold.

The ceiling moldings in staff can take different forms: it can be cornices or borders circling the room, at the top of the wall, in styles that can range from the simplest to the most sophisticated. They can also take on the appearance of cupola or rosettes, often placed at the level of the chandeliers.

The motifs on the moldings of the ceilings in staff can be personalized to the envy: the professionals of the ceiling in staff (called " plasterers Are able to reproduce most of the relief shapes.

The moldings are then fixed to the ceiling with the help of duffel, pieces of reinforced plaster. It is necessary to call on a qualified staffer for the installation of a ceiling in staff: this will ensure a quality rendering!

The price of a staff ceiling

The price of the ceiling in staff varies according to the complexity of the moldings that you want to implement. For a completely personalized rendering, count to 200 € the m², to which is added the price of labor.

For a lower price, your craftsman can also set up prefabricated moldings. Their basic fare is around 10 € the linear meter. Finally, for small budgets, you can find polystyrene moldings that perfectly mimic plaster moldings. You will be able to benefit from the unique style of the ceiling in staff for a mini price!

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