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The ceiling with joists and beams is also called French ceiling. This type of ceiling is very common in older interiors. The ceiling with joists and beams is renowned for its solid and rustic appearance.

Ceiling with joists and beams: definition

The ceiling with joists and beams is a ceiling whose supporting beams rest on joists, horizontal structural members resting on the walls. The ceiling with joists and beams often uses the "full-as-empty" system, which consists of leaving an identical space between each joist.

Joists and beams can be made of different materials. They can be:

  • In solid pine or oak wood,
  • In hollow wood (it is then about false beams),
  • Made of polyurethane imitating the look of wood,
  • Polystyrene also imitating the look of wood.

The polyurethane and the polystyrene are the cheapest materials to put up a ceiling with joists and beams. Their function is nevertheless purely decorative. The solid wood beams must be made to measure and are more expensive to buy. They require regular treatment against parasites, but they bring a real authenticity to your interior and are very durable.

How much does a ceiling with joists and beams cost?

The price of the ceiling with joists and beams varies depending on the material used. In wood, the ceiling with joists and beams will cost you between 15 and 80 € per m2. The price depends on the type of wood you prefer.

If you opt for beams and decorative joists in polyurethane or polystyrene, count about 30 € per m2.

Before you start work, do not hesitate to ask quotes from different professionalsYou will have a price range that will allow you to choose the service that best suits your needs. Also compare the price of materials, in order to benefit from the best quality / price ratio!

Video Instruction: Installing Ceiling Joists - Beams