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The coffered ceiling is often present in charming homes. Its luxurious yet rustic look adds cachet to an interior. Discover the coffered ceiling, and reinvent your home!

What is a coffered ceiling?

The coffered ceiling consists of of compartments square, rectangular or octagonal and distributed regularly. It is often found in old houses and castles, but they are also making their comeback in the most modern interiors. They can be in wood (mostly oak wood), or in staff (a building material based on plaster).

Coffered ceilings are often ornate, carved or painted. They adapt to any interior and can give an illusion of height or from perspective to the piece. They are most often used in bedrooms, but also in living rooms where they can improve sound insulation. This can be interesting if you have a sophisticated audio-visual installation.

The coffered ceiling has many qualities that it would be a shame to miss you. If you are lucky enough to have a coffered ceiling in your home, do not hesitate to renovate it! If you do not have one, do not hesitate to have it installed.

Have a coffered ceiling installed in your home

For the renovation as for the installation of a new coffered ceiling, call a professional: it will give you a detailed quote, and you will ensure a result that is both aesthetic, but also strong and durable.

Renovating your coffered ceiling can take two directions: you can decide to keep the current style of your coffered ceiling, and offer it a simple refresh; you can also choose to give it a real youthful look by painting the inside of the compartments of a certain color, for example. In any case, do not hesitate: the coffered ceiling gives a real added value to your interior!

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