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The French ceiling is, like the coffered ceiling, an element particularly present in traditional homes. Its aspect both rustic and sober make it a very popular ceiling at the moment to highlight the beautiful volumes.

The French ceiling: what is it?

The French ceiling is also called " so-that-full-empty ". It is made up of load-bearing beams imposing on which joists rest. The materials used for a French ceiling can vary. The beams can be:

  • In wood: the beams can be solid wood (pine or oak), or hollow wood (it is called false beams). The false beams are light and clipped through a fastening system.
  • Made of polyurethane or polystyreneThey are also false beams, which mimic the appearance of traditional beams. These beams are available in all shades and are mostly glued directly.

The French ceiling gives a traditional and rustic look to your home for a low base price: it is therefore an excellent alternative to other types of ceiling (such as the ceiling staff, for example). Its only drawback is that solid wood needs to be maintained.

What price for a French ceiling?

The price of a French ceiling depends on the material used. The price is calculated per m². For a wooden ceiling, between € 15 (for entry-level pine) to € 80 (for oak) per m². For a French polyurethane ceiling or polystyrene, it takes about 30 € per m².

In any case, do not hesitate to ask for quotes from different professionals for the installation of your French ceiling. You will have the best rate for your needs, and you can compare the benefits. Choose the best quality / price ratio to benefit from a sustainable ceiling!

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