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An interior canopy is an interesting alternative to the traditional partition. Coupled with a skylight, she invites herself in our interiors, in the kitchen, in the living room or even in the stairwell. This type of development has the advantage of allowing the delimitation of spaces while allowing the light to circulate. As the star of the day is back in the sky, why not let it enter the heart of your living space?

To delimit a space, to partition a room while keeping an optimal level of luminosity, nothing is worth the inner canopy. It exists in different models, allowing an infinity of combinations to adapt to all spaces.

Which glass roof for what use?

First of all, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the windows from glass partitions. The latter are in a way only glass walls, equipped or not with an opening and to separate two spaces. The windows, for their part, are rather assemblies of glazed partitions equipped with windows and doors for a total modularity. Some canopies have a roof offering maximum brightness through a skylight. To choose the model of canopy or glass partition that suits you, you must of course take into account the specific constraints related to your interior. It only remains to opt for a specific style, according to your tastes!

The materials used in interior canopies

Wood is a material conventionally used to produce glazed structures, which will then have a cachet classical and full of charm. For an atmosphere Industrial or loftmetallic or all-steel structures are the most suitable. For glazing, laminated glass or Securit is the basis. This type of glass limits splinters in the event of breakage of the glass, for increased security. This type of glass is also stronger. Different levels of glass finish are possible: tinted glass or frosted to preserve privacy, grained or patterned glass for aesthetic rendering: your imagination is the only limit!

The insulation of your partition or canopy is also expected. For this reason, opt for double glazing with reinforced thermal insulation. Indeed, poorly insulated glass roofs have an unfortunate tendency to transform homes into summer saunas and freezers once the winter comes.

Who to contact to install a glass roof?

A glass roof is a complex technical element that must be installed by a professional, because of the weight of the glass and the danger it represents to handle. It is therefore highly recommended to use the services of a craftsman, who will take care of the measurement and will advise you in the choice of materials.

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