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Patterned cement tiles are stylish, aesthetic and particularly design coatings that express creativity. Whether for the kitchen, the lobby or the bathroom, these colorful tiles beautifully decorate the space and rooms.

Patterned cement tiles

Patterned cement tiles

Deco: opt for patterned cement tiles

The cement tiles are coatings that bring an original touch to the interior of a room. Their manufacture is artisanal and uses a specific know-how. They are obtained thanks to a special mixture based on sand, cement paste and marble powder. The tiles are passed through a press before being dried in the open, without any cooking unlike tiles for example.

Because of their manual manufacturing process, these tiles display irregularities that give them even more charm and authenticity, and these imperfections, called crazingdo not alter their resistance.

Regarding the format, these coatings are generally square (20x20 cm, 15x15 cm, but also in the form of rectangle, hexagon or octagonal). The patterned cement tiles find their place in the kitchen, the bathroom, but also in the living room, in a corridor or an entrance hall. In any case, they are especially suitable for indoor use and can be placed on the floor but also on the walls.

Patterns and colors to choose

Robust and easy to implement, patterned cement tiles come in a multitude of styles, there is something for everyone. In addition to the plain models, it is especially the cement tiles embellished with patterns that attract attention and seduce. Retro or contemporary drawings, vintage or eccentric patterns, between arabesques, geometric shapes, patchworks, flowers and checkers, everyone can find happiness. Opt for patterned cement tiles, it's really creating a personalized and unique interior.

On the color side, the color palette is available in several hundred different shades, and some mosaic manufacturers can even create their own personalized template.

How is the installation of cement tiles?

The professional tiler can proceed with a first laying of blank tiles to form a base before dispatching the color tiles in a harmonious way. Once the coating is in place, it is necessary to clean the tiles which can display a thin white layer (called milt). It is recommended to have very fine joints to avoid "eating" the grounds. As a finishing and to protect the coating in time, it is advisable to apply a product sealing, oil repellent (impervious to oils and fats), water repellent and finally complete with wax.

Price, we can find models from 70 euros per m², but the price can quickly climb according to the quality and size of the cement tile chosen.

Video Instruction: How to Install Cement Tile