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Cement is a glue that is a hydraulic binder powder. Until the appearance of modern cements ("Portland" cement), this glue, used for centuries, was composed of a lime binder to which additives such as tiles and crushed bricks were added. ash.

Clinker, which binds currently used cements, is produced by baking limestone and crushed clay at 1450° C. Other elements are added to give properties specific to cement according to its use: ash, silica, slag...

Cement is used in the mixing of concrete and mortar. What differentiates these two mixtures is the use of chippings and sand for concrete while the mortar is only obtained with cement, water and sand.


The open times of the cements vary greatly according to the climatic conditions (humidity, temperature), they are on average of 20 to 30 minutes.

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On which supports:

Dry supports.

Uses for the house:

Masonry: laying of cinder block, bricks or repointing stones. Coated: exterior or interior. Production of screed. Blanket.


Ease of implementation. Numerous declination that can find the glue cement suitable for its work.


The opening time is particularly sensitive to climatic conditions. For a perfect grip, it is necessary that the support is perfectly dry and clean.

To wash instruments after use :

Wash with water before drying concrete or mortar.

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