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Many users of gas or oil central heating who are either owners or renters would like to lighten the bill, without being too cold.

A central heating radiator receives hot water from the boiler, it spreads the calories over its entire surface and the water returns to the boiler with a few degrees less.

When you do not use a room, if you close the radiator, it's a cooler. To avoid this, you can reduce the opening of the radiator valve so that the circulation is lower but you can also cover the radiator with a sheet that can be doubled, so the radiator will diffuse less heat in this room little used which does not need to be very hot, and therefore will consume less.

And if the walls are not insulated, it is advisable in all cases to slide behind the radiator a plate of 3 mm Depron (or at the cardboard box) to reduce the loss of heat in the wall, which is transmitted directly to outside.

We can do the same thing in unoccupied rooms the same day, leaving the radiators open normally. And in the evening we discover the radiator which will spread the heat normally, but we will have reduced the conso during the day while not letting the room cool.

We can cover the radiator with more or less thickness, we do as we feel. This system does not cost anything, but has a certain efficiency, it is understandable.

And of course never do that with electric heaters, whatever the model: it would be dangerous.

For electric radiators, either stop or lower the thermostat.

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