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Central heating is a heating system that has proven itself and is very popular in homes. Depending on your budget and your expectations in terms of thermal comfort, you will choose a model of radiator. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Central heating: which radiators to choose

Central heating: which radiators to choose

The different types of central heating radiator

To accompany your boiler or heat pump, it is important to choose hot water radiators. There are different models that differ mainly in their material.
Steel radiators are very popular because they come in many colors, shapes and sizes. They are also the most affordable of the market in terms of price. However, they tend to heat very quickly and to cool as quickly.
Cast iron radiators possess excellent inertia. In fact, they continue to radiate heat even after they have been extinguished. They are however quite bulky and heavy.
Cast aluminum radiators have the advantage of rising quickly in temperature and going down slowly. They are therefore very appreciated. Be aware that cast aluminum radiators are very sensitive to corrosion.

Precautions to take

Before choosing your radiator for central heating, be aware that it is not advisable to install a cast aluminum radiator and a steel radiator on the same installation. It would then occur a physico-chemical reaction that could degrade the devices.
Also be sure to choose the adequate number of radiator for your accommodation. Know that a radiator for 15 m² is ideal. The most efficient radiators are so-called "soft heat" radiators. The latter offer a larger exchange surface than conventional radiators and operate with less hot water (low temperature or condensing boiler). Safer, the radiators with "soft heat" avoid any risk of burning.

How much does a central heating radiator cost?

Radiators for central heating the cheapest of the market are the steel radiators. Count 30 euros for an entry-level model and more than 1500 euros for a design model. For an aluminum radiator, you will have to spend between 30 and 700 euros depending on the model. Cast iron radiators are the most expensive because they have excellent inertia. Count between 300 and 900 euros. Do not forget to equip your radiators with thermostatic faucets and a programmer to reduce energy consumption and reduce the heating bill.

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