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The central island is the design element of all modern kitchens. It will allow you to make the most of your room while offering many possibilities.

Central island functions

In a kitchen, the central island adapts to all the desires and needs. It can also become a storage space or work, that integrate a sink, a hob or even a dining area. It's up to you to give it the function you want!

Installation of the central island

The installation of a central island requires a lot of space on the ground. So, make sure your kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate it. If you decide to install a central island that will not serve as a sink or cooktop, then incorporate casters (and brakes) or retractable feet. You will be able to move your central island according to your desires.

Benefits of the central island

Practical, multifunctional and customizable, the central island has everything to please. You can arrange it as you wish. It will allow you for example to create a delimitation between the kitchen area and the dining area of ​​your room. It can simply be a table, or integrate many accessories such as cupboards, a cooktop, sink... Modulable wish, it is you who define his style.

Disadvantages of the central island

Installing a central island requires a lot of space, so make sure your kitchen is over 15m2. In addition, depending on the type of central island that you choose, it will take some changes in your kitchen: new installation of water supply and sewage pipes, power supplies...

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