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A fire that no longer lights up, a loss of power, an "Error" button displayed on your ceramic hob? The user manual usually allows you to find the solution to your problem. If not, focus on five other possible situations.

1. A malfunction due to the dirt of the ceramic hob

This may seem trivial but regular maintenance of your ceramic hob is essential for the proper functioning of your appliance. Just a grease or dirt residue on a key to block its start. Yes the keys on your ceramic hob are broken down, so start with a thorough cleaning of the plate.

2. An electronic problem following a power failure

Any electrical disturbance may interfere with the proper operation of your ceramic hob. After an electrical break, we advise you to turn off your ceramic hob and then turn it on a few minutes or hours later. Better, if your device has a "Reset" button, it's time to use it. This will allow him an update.

3. Incorrect connection of the ceramic hob

A malfunction of the buttons on the ceramic hob can come from a bad electrical connection. Check all connections. If one of them is missing, make the connection or call in a professional cook who will connect your ceramic hob in compliance with safety standards.

4. The electrical circuit of your ceramic hob

The connection terminals of the electrical circuits of your ceramic hob sometimes need to be tightened. It may be helpful to check the appliance's electrical cards or have them checked by a professional cook.

5. A crack in the heart of the malfunction of your ceramic hob

A crack on the glass of your ceramic hob may cause the appliance to malfunction. It can indeed generate a crack of the insulating body and breakage of an element of the electrical circuit of the glass-ceramic plate causing its malfunction. In case of crack, it is recommended to change the home concerned.

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