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The difference between a "homemade" manual sweeping and a sweeping done by a professional? It is only after a professional sweeping that one is given a certificate of sweeping. But a sweeping certificate, what exactly is it? And what can it do for?

Certificate of sweeping: what is it?

A chimney sweeping certificate is the guarantee that we will deliver a professional after the chimney sweeping to prove that it was carried out in the state of the art.

On this certificate will appear:

  • the duct or ducts
  • the attestation of "emptiness of the conduit over its entire length"
  • the chimney sweeper's observations of the chimney
  • any anomalies found

This certificate, the chimney sweep will sign it, which engages its responsibility. The choice of the professional is very important, so we check that we are dealing with an approved chimney sweep.

Certificate of sweeping: why?

But why on earth go bothering with a professional chimney sweep to get a chimney sweeping certificate, when we feel perfectly capable of cleaning our chimney ourselves?

For the simple reason that in case of an incident with our chimney, this little paper can save us the stake.

Explanation: a badly swept chimney is the door open to all the dangers (fires, intoxications...). But sweeping is a legal obligation.

So in case of damage, if our insurer considers that the cause of the disaster is the poor maintenance of our conduit, it will not cover us. The full cost will be paid from our pocket. And in addition to our financial responsibility, there is also the risk of legal action if there are victims.

But if we provide them with the precious certificate attesting to the emptiness of the conduit over its entire length, impossible for the insurance to invoke the lack of maintenance. The sweeping certificate is therefore an indispensable protection! So it is carefully stored because in case of incident, it alone will allow us to be 100% covered.

The law also specifies that it "must be kept by the user in order to be produced at the request of the competent authorities". Obtaining a chimney sweeping certificate is a way of protecting yourself and your peace of mind!

To noteIt is very important that the certificate mention the emptiness of the conduit along its entire length. This small precision proves to the assurance that the sweeping has been done in full.

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