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Qualibat certification guarantees the quality of certain building companies. It allows owners and individuals to call upon companies that meet their requirements with confidence.

What is Qualibat certification?

In 1949, the Minister of Construction and professional organizations of entrepreneurs, architects and building owners set up Qualibat, a body governed by private law whose role is to provide evidence on the activities, professional skills and capabilities of firms engaged in construction activities.

Thanks to this certification, individuals and owners hold a great deal of information on the various companies in order to make their choices in a completely objective way.

Today, in France, more than 33,000 companies, 60% of which are very small, are Qualibat certified. They cover all specialties and represent 80% of turnover in the building sector.

Why use a Qualibat company?

Qualibat companies were selected for their skills and their reliabilityMoreover, they are regularly checked at the legal, financial and administrative levels, which is a guarantee of confidence.

Qualibat companies undertake to complete the work within the specified time and budget.

Qualibat companies are committed to providing solutions to the challenges of the Grenelle Environment Forum by respecting the "Energy Renovation" and "Renewable Energies" certifications and the mention "Energy Efficiency". In addition to technical skills, these companies are able to educate their clients about financing solutions possible when working for the preservation of the environment.

The website of Qualibat refers to the 33,000 companies classified by activities and specialties. Clients (public, institutional or private) and prescribers can easily find companies that meet their needs and requirements.

How to obtain Qualibat certification?

Qualibat certification is synonymous with seriousness and competence. Companies have every interest in benefiting from it. Especially since the insurances allow Qualibat companies to benefit from a premium reduction advantageous up to 30%.

The Qualibat certificate is obtained through a rigorous procedure in which a complete file, provided by the company, is studied.

The documents to be provided concern:

  • The regularity of the legal and administrative situation
  • Technical skills
  • Financial size

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