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The house of my daughter was built 8 years ago to the standards "electric heating". It has been classified E for insulation. Is this normal? Is there not a mistake? What to do to challenge this diagnosis? It is put on sale, cause mutation. This is detrimental for resale. What can we do?

In principle, for a 2006 home heated with electricity, one could rather expect a classification D or even C. That said, the results of the DPE. That being the case, DPE calculations take into account factors such as heating habits that can downgrade or outclass a home. Clearly, for example, if the inhabitants are very cautious and they overconsumption in electricity, the classification of the DPE will be very penalized. In addition, there are often significant differences for the same good, from one diagnoser to another.
Given the low cost of a DPE, it seems useful to have it redone by another diagnoser. At the level of a sale or a purchase, one should not be polarized on the DPE. In this case, the examination of electricity bills by a prospective buyer is much more informative.

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