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The routers equipped with a speed control offer an undeniable comfort of use. The flip side, all embedded electronics is a source of fragility and may one day forfeit. It is then necessary to replace the circuit, under penalty of working with a machine whose speed of rotation is random...

Changing the electronics of a router

Practical advice

This repair is applicable to other power tools. Clean them regularly, especially when working in fine dust. In addition to the router, consider jigsaws and sanders used for drywall.
Check the coals from time to time. If they break, they can scratch the collector. When disassembling or reassembling, never force on a plastic casing, the lugs are often brittle and the screws are fragile. This will extend the life of your machines.

If the replacement is quite expensive (nearly 800 €), we will gladly forgive this incarnation to a tool that has to his credit years of good and often intensive services. But where to get the spare part? As specialized supermarkets prefer to carry out repairs themselves, please contact the brand's AV department. A list of S.A.V. is usually attached to the documentation of your machine. If you have lost it or are afraid that it is out of date, consult the manufacturer's website, it is often there. You can also consult the yellow pages of your departmental directory.


Consult the instructions to locate the circuit. With the machine properly disconnected, remove the electrical compartment cover. Before disconnecting anything, make a quick sketch to note the position of the threads. Then remove the pods one by one without harming them: use a pair of pliers only if you can not do otherwise. Finally remove the damaged circuit.
Take advantage of the disassembly to examine the state of wear of the coals. Also check that the manifold is not dirty. If necessary, clean it with a very soft abrasive (buffer, or an ink eraser) because it should not be scratched.
Checks done, reconnect the wires on the new circuit. As with disassembly, avoid the clamp, unless you have to tighten (delicately) a pod that comes in too easily: it could become a source of false contacts. Reinsert the circuit in its housing and the wires in their passages, then reassemble the hood. If he stumbles, do not force but look for the cause: it may be a thread that hinders his passage.


Check the rest of the electrical circuit. You must not keep any wire bent or broken. Dust the switch compartment with a vacuum cleaner instead of a blower - it's healthier and you do not risk sending dust to inaccessible places. Be careful of course not to suck a room! Eliminate recalcitrant sawdust with a cheap paintbrush.
When removing the trigger, be careful not to allow the spring to escape. Moreover, by being manipulated, it is not uncommon for the switches "charbonnent" (resulting in bad contacts and sparks) which can lead to their death, even that of the machine itself. Locate on the switch housing a hole through which to penetrate a degreasing lubricant for electrical contacts. Then replace the switch and reassemble the cover, before checking the free operation of the trigger. It remains to reconnect the machine to test the repair.

Changing the electronics of a router: circuit

Remove the screws and place them in a small container (recovery cover) to avoid losing them. Attention to the choice of your screwdriver, the prints are often fragile!

Changing the electronics of a router: electronics

Lift the housing carefully, without forcing the power cable. It is often necessary to use a small lever to separate the different parts of the body, even after removing the screws.

Changing the electronics of a router: router

Draw a small diagram before decorting. The slightest disturbance (telephone call for example) would be enough to make you forget the arrangement of the wires, even with a simple wiring.

Changing the electronics of a router: changing

If possible, remove the pods by hand as they are fragile. With a clamp, even small, it is easy to twist or break: you would be left to take out the soldering iron!

Changing the electronics of a router: changing

Enjoy that your machine is open and the circuit removed to control the state of wear of the coals. A wise precaution is to order in advance, without waiting for the breakdown.

Changing the electronics of a router: changing

After you have wired the new circuit, put it in place, reposition the wires and reassemble the hood. Operate with delicacy: if something forces, there is a problem!

Changing the electronics of a router: changing

After removing the largest of the sawdust with a vacuum cleaner, brush off the remaining dust. Be careful not to lose any parts, especially the trigger spring.

Changing the electronics of a router: electronics

It would be surprising if the very fine router dust did not penetrate inside the switch itself. A bombshell for electrical contacts will do him the greatest good.

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