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You want to add a key to your door so you can close it or you want to change the lock of a door that you have lost the key. For this you need to change your recessed lock block. If you have a built-in lock block without drilling change it for a lock block with key or lock lock.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools and materials needed:

- One meter
- A flat head screwdriver
- A new lock block

Step 1: Take the measurements of the existing block

Take measurements of your block without drilling so that the new lock or lock block fits perfectly into the existing space.

take steps to change a lock to a door

To do this, measure the distance between the fixing screws of your block and look for a lock block with the same distance.

Step 2: Remove the handles

The lock block is held in place by the fasteners of the handles. Using a screwdriver, remove these fasteners.

unscrew the old lock to change a lock to a door

Step 3: Remove the existing block

Remove the handles and the existing lock block from its recess.

If your lock does not have a hole in it, the holes in the door correspond to the fasteners on the handles and to the pin that controls the bolt. There is no hole for a lock or lock.

Change a lock to a door

Step 3: Prepare the location of the lock or key

Locate the lock or lock location on the new block and place it on the door.

Prepare the lock location of a new lock

Drill the door using a hole saw with a diameter that matches the location you wish to clear.

Step 5: Fix the new block

Install the new lock block

Insert the new block and reattach the handles. You can now close your door.

Video Instruction: How to replace the cylinder in your door lock and How to measure the correct size to suit your door