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Changing the lock brings you comfort and safety and seems to be a simple and fast operation at first sight. However, the accuracy of the installation is essential to avoid future malfunctions. Even if it is perfectly possible to carry out this operation yourself with little tools, it is better to call on a professional of the sector to ensure the result.

Why change lock?

Changing the lock is sometimes essential in particular situations. Indeed, if you are a victim of a break-in, you must replace your lock and sometimes your insurance requires you, following such incidents, to install a armored lock. Changing the lock also increases the security of your home and is necessary in case of loss of keys or if the key breaks in the lock.

How to change the lock yourself?

Changing the lock is a fairly simple operation to perform in some cases and it is perfectly possible to do it yourself if you feel capable. The procedure is quite similar and this, regardless of the type of lock to replace. First, remove the pin, remove the handle, and remove the retaining screws. Gently pull the lock to dislodge it and pull it out of the door. Then simply replace the new lock and replace the screws, the handle and the pin. Be careful to replace your lock with an identical model. To avoid unpleasant surprises, check the length of the cylinder, the thickness of the door and the direction of opening.

Change lock: call a locksmith

If changing the lock seems complicated and if you prefer to guarantee the final result, it is better then go through a professional locksmith. Indeed, a locksmith will know exactly which lock model to choose and you will enjoy his experience and know-how. Make sure it's serious and check if it has a SIRET number. You can also go to your home insurance, which will give you the details of competent professionals and who, in some cases, can take care of the locksmith's fees. Count between 100 and 150 euros to replace a lock (labor and material included).

Video Instruction: How to replace the cylinder in your door lock and How to measure the correct size to suit your door