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Changing or replacing a kitchen faucet is an operation necessarily performed by a professional plumber. A replacement whose economic benefits will be quickly visible. All you need to know to replace a kitchen faucet, to follow in this article.

Change or replace a kitchen faucet

Change or replace a kitchen faucet

Replace a used kitchen faucet

Replacing an old or obsolete kitchen faucet usually helps to achieve important water savings.

Indeed, if changing faucet is an opportunity to give a boost to the style of his kitchen (opting for example for a faucet LEDs), it also allows to improve the performance of his sink.

-> For example, we can choose one of the new models of thermostatic mixing valve or even a timed tap, very effective to save water.

It is recommended to use a plumber to replace the kitchen faucet with another.

The intervention of a professional being the best guarantee of a compliant installation, without risk of future leakage (with serious consequences, especially from a financial point of view).

Estimated cost for replacing a faucet with a new device:

  • Travel expenses of the professional: between 20 € and 60 € HT
  • Hourly rate of labor: between 40 € to 90 € HT.

How to change a kitchen faucet?

Changing a kitchen faucet goes through a number of steps. The professional here must remove the old device before installing the new faucet.

1. The plumber cut the water supply and open the hot and cold water faucets (allowing the water to be flushed out).

2. He disconnect the arrival pipes hot and cold water, taking care not to damage the piping, and remove the pieces of user joints remained glued.

3. He loosens the stem of the bung (under the sink), then unscrews the nuts and removes the old faucet.

4. The plumber can then undertake the installation of the new faucet. He screws the hot and cold water supply hoses and assembles the faucet body. He fixes it to the sink and seals it with new seals. It connects the new system to the water supply. He adjusts the new stem of the bung. He practices "impoundment".

Video Instruction: How to Install a Kitchen Faucet (Removal & Replace) Installation