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Do you feel cramped in your house and would you like some extra m²? Developing your attic is the ideal solution. But some framework do not allow this arrangement because the available height is too low. Fortunately, by changing the slope of your roof, you will be able to recover the space you need.

Change the slope of a roof

Change the slope of a roof

Change the slope of your roof to save space

To build attics, you must have a minimum height of 1.80 m on most of the space created. The ideal is rather around 2.20 m or more. But when the slope of the roof is less than 30°, you never have the required height. The only solution is then to modify the slope of the roof.

Changing the slope of your roof is to create a new frame so that the angle of the roof is 45°. This new cover will be slimmer and higher. The current inhabited part of your house will not be affected except when installing a staircase to access a new floor.
Attention, these are works that affect the shell of your house. They must be carried out by qualified professionals.

Change the slope of your roof and comply with the regulations

If this project tempts you, the first thing to do is to check its feasibility. In southern regions, it is not always possible to change the angle of a roof. And even if these works are possible, you must not exceed the maximum height allowed.
The creation of habitable rooms will, moreover, lead to the opening of roof windows or skylights, you must respect the recommended shapes and dimensions.
It is going to the town hall to consult the Local Urban Plan (PLU) that you will know what you can do and not do.

Then you will have to apply for a building permit. Not to mention that if the total living space (existing + creation) is greater than 170 m², it must go through an architect. Often companies specializing in attic developments accompany their customers for all these administrative procedures.

Change the slope of your roof in practice

When working, you do not have to leave your house. The work is done from outside and your house is always protected from bad weather. It is only for the installation of the staircase and for the works of second work (insulation, electricity, heating, etc) that the access to the new roof spaces, is realized by the interior of the house.
If your tiles or slates are in good condition, they will be deposited and reused on the new frame.
The work lasts on average between 6 and 8 weeks.

Change the slope of your roof, at what price?

The cost of the work depends primarily on the surface to be developed, the initial slope and the one to be created. But also the choice of materials you want to use. In addition do you want a "ready to finish" or "turnkey" formula? In the second case, you take possession of your attic and you have only the furniture to install but the price is higher.

On average, we consider that we must count between 850 to 1200 € per m² for a roof slope change delivered ready to finish and between € 1,300 and € 2,000 per m² for a turnkey turn-over.

Good to know: If it is not possible to change the slope of your roof, you can still consider converting your attic by practicing a roof extension or facade enhancement. In this case, the walls of the facades of your house are reassembled of 1 m or more in order to gain height. The slope of the roof is either left as is or modified.

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