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Between shadows and light: the electric dimmer allows modulating lighting at leisure. It installs easily in place of a switch and is controlled by foot. Follow the guide!

Install an electric dimmer

change a broken electric drive

Unplug the power plug and cut the power wire on both sides of the switch to be replaced.
In the absence of cutting pliers, use a pair of household scissors.

repair an electric dimmer lamp

Remove the protective sheath from the electrical wires about 3 cm at each end of the cables.
Then strip the two conductors, taking care not to cut fine copper strands.

to change an electric dimmer box

Open the drive housing to access the two wire connectors (olive green).
Follow the arrows that indicate where to connect the wires (plug and light).

connect the wires of a dimmer

Replace the small bracket that serves as a cable tie after connecting the two cables to the connectors.

change of a dimmer on foot

Be sure to engage the dimmer slider (foot pad) in its slot.
Close the housing by screwing the four fixing screws from below.

Change an electric dimmer: power

In the dark, when the luminaire is off, a light indicates the location of the drive (negligible power consumption).

Video Instruction: How to Change a Normal Light Switch to a Dimmer Switch