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I own a house with at the bottom of the garden an old workshop of 90 m2. It has openings and it must be modified to be able to put windows, a door of entry and a glazed kiss. I do not touch anything else except inside. Do I need an authorization from the town hall or something else?

It would be necessary to know the assignment of this building, which will be given to you by consulting the services of the cadastre. If it is classified as an industrial and commercial building, you will have to request a change of destination via an application for a building permit (R. 123-9 of the Urban Planning Code). The transfer of the commercial to the house is not usually a problem (it does not have the same for the opposite!).

If your building is considered a dwelling, a building permit is nevertheless necessary for all modifications of the external appearance of a building. This will be the case at home since you want to modify openings or create new ones. In this case, submit an application for a building permit from your town hall before starting work.

Refer to our Building Permit SHEET.

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