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The kitchen is a part of the house where you spend time, so it is normal to want to offer a new look regularly. To do this, nothing more simple, just change the doors of your kitchen furniture!

Change the doors of your kitchen furniture

Change the doors of your kitchen furniture

For new cuisine at a low price, think of the makeover!

The kitchen is a place of life in itself and everyone is spending time. It is therefore important to feel good and it is in this context that the decoration takes all its meaning.
Rather than breaking the bank by changing all the furniture in his kitchen, it is often enough to operate some small changes, to feel like in a new kitchen.
To change the doors of your kitchen furniture, several options are available to you.

You can first go to a major DIY store to see if models can match in terms of size and budget, but also please you from an aesthetic point of view.
If your budget allows, it is also possible to contact a carpenter, for a realization tailor-made your furniture doors.
Finally, you still have the option to order on the internet the doors of your kitchen furniture, or simply the cut wood to the right dimensions.

Main advantages to replace the facades of its kitchen furniture

The replacement of the facades of its kitchen furniture has certain advantages.
First of all, changing the doors of your kitchen furniture does not require big expensive work. It is a job that requires little skill, material or time.
Then, replacing your closet doors, you have the choice to customize your kitchen according to your tastes (colors or transparency, materials, finishes, types of handles or buttons, closing systems,...). So, free to mix genres, materials and why not colors, for a result to your image!
To avoid making a mistake when making your decision, remember to check the dimensions and weight of your current kitchen doors.

How to change the doors of your kitchen furniture?

Replace the facades of kitchen furniture is an operation that remains relatively simple. The biggest difficulty is to be able to align the doors so that they can open and close easily.

To change the doors of your kitchen furniture and succeed your work, several steps are necessary:

  • unscrew the hinges from the doors;
  • put the hinges back on your new closet doors;
  • make a horizontal and vertical adjustment of the door by tightening more or less the screw located near the upright;
  • adjust the distance between the different doors, as well as the spacing between the door and the box, using the screw located towards the bottom of the cupboard;
  • lock the settings by tightening the screw that is in the middle of the hinge.

Little trick : The clip attached to the back of the hinge allows you to remove your kitchen door without changing the settings made.

Video Instruction: How to replace kitchen unit doors