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Whether for the development of attics lost in a new living room or for the simple repair of an element following a disaster, modification of the frame is often necessary. Focus on the possible structural changes, and what they generate.

What are the main modifications of a possible framework?

All the elements that constitute a framework can be modified, replaced or repaired, following a deformation, a disaster, an attack of insects or to answer your simple will to change the structure of the frame. Each of the elements that can be modified, the interventions on a frame are numerous. The most known:

  • the development of the attic lost in a new room of life,
  • the modification of the slope of the roof,
  • the reinforcement of the frame following the treatment of the wood,
  • the raising of the roof for the development of the attics lost or other, etc.

Modify a framework, a professional job

The modification of a frame represents a heavy workload, as much in terms of time spent, work to be done as technical work. Interventions on a framework are risky: the slightest suppression of an element or the simple failure of a room can lead to leakage, tearing of roof, deformation of framework or, in the long term, collapse of framework and roofing. It is essential in this sense to call on a professional.

To note: it is important to ask an estimate of the work as well as a price estimate from several professionals before starting the structural modification work.

Structural modification: declaration or building permit?

Depending on the scope of the work, you will be asked either a declaration of work or a building permit to modify the structure.

  • If the modification of framework does not entail a change of slope or change of original material, the simple declaration of work near the town hall is sufficient.
  • If the modification of framework causes a change of slope and / or a change of material of origin, a building permit (to ask with the town hall) is then obligatory. This permit must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

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