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To take advantage of a felled tree, the best way is to cut it out of firewood. Once split, the wood dries faster: its combustion will be better.

Debit a fallen tree

Practical advice

Beware of the recoil effect: when the rotating chain comes into contact with the wood (at the guide bar), it can become blocked for a moment by penetrating into the fibers. It then occurs a very fast "retreat" which projects the guide towards the user. The risk is losing control of the machine. To avoid accidents, do not ever cut down a tree partially cut down by the chainsaw. It must be completely lying on the ground, which guarantees its stability.

What tools to use to cut a tree?

The chainsaw is the main tool for cutting a tree. A device with a 35 cm long chain guide is enough to cut a medium sized trunk (or bole). In addition, it is often lighter and therefore more maneuverable than a machine with greater cutting capacity.

  • Hand tools come down to a billhook for cutting small branches. To split the trunk, just a merlin and two or three steel corners that facilitate the bursting of wood (especially when it has knots). The Merlin is the tool of the woodcutter: provided with a square iron at one end for the striking, it is pointed at the other end to separate the split wood.
  • The size of logs (logs or quarters) for firewood depends on the size of your stove, insert or chimney; it varies from 30 to 50 cm approximately.

Cut out the big branches

Perfectly sharpened, the chain of the chainsaw must be stretched so as to slide on the guide. If she is too loose, she leaves the guide. Adjust if necessary.

  • Hold the device firmly: right hand on the rear handle, left on the front handle, behind the chain brake. After starting, release the throttle: the chain must stop rotating.
  • Always cut at high speed with the body of the branch leaning against the claws of the machine. To avoid dangerous rebounds, never work with the end of the chain.
  • Start by clearing the head of the tree from the intersecting branches. To attack it from above by exerting a slight pressure on the apparatus. Before cutting a large branch, prune its branches to lighten it. Leave a few branches under the tree to keep it in place during the work.

Split the logs

If possible, cut the trunk (from above) to one third of its diameter. The chain may get stuck, roll the drum and cut the last third in the same way. If the trunk is not properly positioned, lift it up with a piece of wood and slide a log under it before making the cut.

  • The first sections of cut wood are usually too big to enter the hearth of a chimney. To split them into quarters, keep them upright on a stump used as a block. Then push a corner in the middle of the room by hitting it with the flat face of the merlin until the wood burst.

Access to main branches

Cut a fallen tree

  • This apple very "hairy" has just been shot. Rid his head of intersecting branches to access the main ones. Beware of live branches that can jam the chain.

Cut big branches

Make firewood on a dead tree

  • Cut the large pieces at a certain distance from the trunk.
  • Then cut next to the shaft shaft.
  • For safety, wear a helmet, glasses and thick gloves.

Prune the thin branches at the hoe

Prune a tree

  • Use a billhook to prune branches that are too thin for the chainsaw.
  • The branch held with one hand, work by giving blows always directed outwards.

Dispose of the trunk pieces

Cut a trunk

  • Cut the trunk into pieces of 40 to 50 cm.
  • Place a log under the drum to prevent the chain jamming in the cup.
  • On an easel, cut the prepared branches.

Explode the wood fiber

Split a log

  • Split the wood (in four quarters) using a metal corner.
  • Place it in the center of the piece of wood, then hit with a merlin. First slowly and then stronger and stronger.

Split the wood with a merlin

Split the wood with a wedge and a merlin

  • Once the wood fiber has exploded, the slot extends. Then place a second corner on the side of the "log".
  • Hit it with the merlin (the first corner remains engaged in the wood).

Slicing gnarled wood

Cut soft wood

  • Separating two neighborhoods can be difficult, especially with gnarled woods. Slice the recalcitrant parts with the cutting edge of the merlin which acts as an ax.

Storing and drying the wood

Storage of firewood

  • The cut timber is stored in long piles.
  • The ends are supported by split logs intersecting alternately.
  • Before being used, the wood must dry for two years in the air and under cover.

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