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The freezer, whether safe or cabinet, is one of the essentials of home appliances and has become, in a few decades, essential to your daily life. It allows you to freeze and store food and also avoid throwing food when cooking too much. Find out what are the strengths of the chest freezer and what are the different existing models before making your choice.

The chest freezer: its strong points

The chest freezer, also called credenza, is of horizontal shape and opens at the top thanks to a lid. It has many advantages in its everyday use and is much appreciated by consumers. Unlike a built-in freezer, it simply arises and does not require special installation. Due to its rather imposing dimensions, it is more suitable for individual homes and settles more generally in a cellar or in a cellar. Its storage capacity of about 300 liters is greater than that of a freezer cabinet and allows to freeze large pieces such as game pieces for example. Horizontal in shape, it leaves a free space above and allows you to install shelves or storage cabinets if necessary.

The different types of chest freezer

There are different models of chest freezers on the market that adapt to the needs of each.
Storage capacity can vary between 100 liters for the smaller ones and 600 liters for the bigger ones. You will also have the choice between static cold or ventilated cold which will distribute more evenly the temperature inside the freezer. Some models are equipped with a thermometer and an alarm to control the temperature and prevent any break in the cold chain. "Super Isolated" freezers keep frozen foods longer during a power outage, and those with "super freeze" feature help to freeze foods faster. The energy consumption of your freezer is also to be taken into account. Choose a model that will consume little because it will stay connected all day long and for several years.
Depending on the energy consumption but also depending on the different functions of the chosen model will depend on the price of your freezer. Count about 150 euros for a first prize and about 900 euros for a high-end freezer.

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