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A henhouse in the garden

In recent years, chicken coops have been blooming in yards and gardens. In the city center, in the countryside or in the suburbs, more and more of us have gallinacea that produce delicious fresh eggs each day and act as pets. Whether it's a temporary urge or a long-term investment, the installation of a henhouse, no matter how small, should not be taken lightly. That's why, this week, HandymakerDuDimache gives you all the keys to establish your henhouse.

Legislation and rules in force.

The law and the rules in force

In the garden as elsewhere, French legislation imposes a regulation. Thus, if the rural code allows you to own some chickens as pets, some municipal decrees may prohibit you or impose a health regulation. Similarly, the settlement of some subdivisions does not tolerate poultry houses. If nothing is clearly specified, then you can raise your few chickens legally. Be careful though if your installation exceeds twenty square meters and two meters high: you will need to obtain a building permit. Finally, do not forget to take into account the well-being of your neighbors. Therefore, it is best to use common sense in building your henhouse as far as possible from their property and avoid roosters, whose morning calls are not necessarily appreciated by all.

Choose your chicken coop.

Little red hen

Buying or building your henhouse is a crucial step in the installation of a small farm. Whatever the model of your choice, it is necessary to envisage on average half a square meter of surface as well as forty centimeters of perch and one nest for each hen. In addition, your hen house must protect its inhabitants from heat, wind and moisture while being easy to clean. While the models sold in the shops meet most of these criteria, they nevertheless display excessive prices: count a hundred euros minimum for a small model. Therefore, it is better to build your own henhouse cheaply, with some wooden planks or cinderblock and the fence, it will be cheaper for more space, provided you are a minimum handyman and have a well-supplied toolbox.

Maintain chickens and henhouse.

Maintain chickens and henhouse

The quality of eggs and meat depends largely on the quality of life of your hens. It is necessary to feed them, but also to clean the henhouse regularly and to collect the eggs daily. In addition, your birds need a course of at least ten square meters to stretch their legs outdoors. For practical reasons, this course is usually attached to the henhouse and hens can come and go as they please. You can also choose to leave them in total freedom in the garden, but at your own risk. In this case do not hope to keep intact your beautiful lawn and flower beds. Be careful, some breeds of hens are able to jump up to two meters in height with the help of their wings, so they claim an installation accordingly.

Finally, before you embark on this adventure and invest time and money, we advise you to talk to your neighborhood. Once they have agreed, do not forget to offer them some fresh eggs from time to time.

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