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Technical points to know and monitor on your chimney

When the heating season is approaching, and when heating with wood or pellets, it is necessary to look at the condition of the flue.
Two annual sweeps are required in almost all departments, including one during the heating season. If you are going to be equipped with a stove, a fireplace or an insert, or even a log or pellet boiler, it is almost always necessary to either pipe the existing duct or create a new duct and install a roof exit.
The connection between the heater and the duct must be carried out according to the rules of the art.
- If the print is not excellent, it is possible to improve it with different accessories...
- If, on the other hand, it is too important or if it is better to regulate the operation of the heater, it is possible to install a draft regulator. Finally, it is also a good time to install a hot air collection and distribution device to make the most of your wood heating.

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