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Much easier to live and maintain, decorative fireplaces are becoming more popular with users. In addition to the beauty of the show of flames, you will also appreciate its ecological and reassuring side. Discover its many advantages and choose the model that best suits your desires.

Decorative fireplaces

Decorative fireplaces

What is the purpose of a decorative fireplace?

As indicated by his name, a decorative fireplace first has a aesthetic function by offering the spectacle of a chimney fire. Thanks to a system of LED bulbs, she imitate the flames and embers and contributes to the warm atmosphere of your home. But not only! The decorative fireplace is also used as auxiliary heating because it has a built-in wind tunnel. It can therefore heat a room of 30 m² with a ceiling height of 2.5 m. Then you have to choose between the decoration mode and the heating mode according to your desires and your needs of the moment.

The benefits of a decorative fireplace

In addition to look like a real fireplace, the decorative fireplace has many significant benefits.
With its fake flames and its false embersit is safe for children. No more risk of burns and fire! Ready to use, the decorative fireplace is also very easy to install. Just put it on and plug it into the mains thanks to its power cable. The decorative fireplace is also very practical because it does not require a vent. This implies that it does not reject any smoke so no greenhouse gases so harmful to the planet. Know finally, that in deco mode, the chimney hardly consumes electricity thanks to its LED system. In heating mode, it consumes about 0.11 cents for one kWh. It therefore remains more economical than a bio-ethanol fireplace but more energy-hungry than a wood stove.

The different types of decorative fireplace

It exists on the market different types of decorative fireplace ranging from the most classic to the most design. It's up to you to choose the model that will best match your interior design. You can opt for a model to be placed directly on the floor or for a model with wheels for more mobility. It is also possible to obtain a built-in model which will be housed in your old fireplace or in a niche provided for this purpose. Manufacturers offer different skins: wood, stone, stainless steel or wrought iron.

To equip yourself with a decorative fireplace, count between 500 and 3000 euros for a built-in model and from 200 euros for a moving chimney.

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