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To be successful in framing, giving importance to the color and material of the mat is a must because it is the first thing you see.

Which paper to choose for the frame mat

In reality, we should not even see the passe-partoutbecause if the color is well chosen, it is she who will highlight the image. It is therefore necessary to be as demanding as if one chose the color of the curtains or a wallpaper.
Here are some basic principles:

• For the mat, never add a color that is not in the picturebut choose one of the colors already present.
Ask yourself a few questions in advance of the example of these:

What is the dominant color of the frame to frame?

If you encounter difficulties, show the image to a person, then hide it and ask the color it has chosen.

Does the picture to frame inspire cheerfulness or sadness?

In the second case, stay sober, otherwise do not hesitate to play on the colors. Do not try to revive a sad image with inappropriate color, but respect the mood desired by its author.

Are the dominant tones of the image to be framed hot or cold?

If they are hot, choose colors in the same tones: red, orange, yellow, brown, warm green, etc.

If they are cold, opt for blue, water green or acid.

Avoid white which, contrary to popular belief, is used very rarely except for black and white photos, snowy landscapes, photos of newlyweds or some watercolors with a very white background. His coldness would catch the eye even before it lands on the subject.

What quality of paper for the mat?

Finally, put the image on a sheet of paper of the chosen color to make sure that it pleases and choose the exact tone.

When hesitating between several reds, for example, then be demanding about the quality of your paper. Should it be rather smooth, fluffy, with material or plain?

In the opening photo of this article, the green and the violet are too present, the blue cloud fades the whole, only the ivory is the most appropriate.

Anyway, never buy paper by default. At worst, postpone your choice.

Of course, the latter will depend at the same time on the image and the subjectivity of each one, but these advices make it possible to realize personalized framing which one will not tire of it.

This stage being the basis of the supervision, it is necessary to devote an important time to it.
Whether the subject inspires or not, many ideas will prevail and creation will flow naturally.

The frame reference

Carole Constantin's General Ledger

These tips come from the Great Book of Coaching written by Carole Constantin, published by Fleurus. The author is a professional framer and a trainer for twenty years. It details in this book the basic gestures of the frame and all the techniques useful to the enhancement of your documents to frame: photo, embroidery, watercolor, postcard,...

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