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In the ecosystem of the house, the gateway occupies a central place. Carrying a paradoxical mission, it delimits the private space and protects the interior and its occupants from the dangers of the outside while symbolizing a certain conviviality. The permanent advances of the industry always combine these two facets a little better, guaranteeing at the same time the safety and the aestheticism of the products. Here are some tips to help you better decipher the market and select the ideal entryway for your home.

The right door for the right home

In the context of the market, an ideal product is a product adapted to the expectations and needs of the person who uses it. The front door is no exception. It must integrate perfectly with the environment of the house and meet the requirements of quality and safety of its inhabitants. This match is the result of a rigorous selection of materials, features and a suitable design. The entrance doors offered by the German manufacturer Hörmann are designed according to this triple requirement.

Foolproof safety equipment

One of the key things to consider when selecting a gateway is security. The door must have a solid locking system that allows simple and effective locking. In addition to the traditional key lock, today there are a large number of locking systems. One notes in particular the existence of locks with code, as one finds many at the entrance of the buildings, card or electrical and biometric. If key locks remain the preferred systems, the most secure door models offer 3 or 5-point locks. Attention however: regardless of its quality, it is important to note that the strength of the key lock is dependent on the strength of the door elements to which it is attached. Also, a strong lock is inseparable from a robust door.

High performance insulation and modern aesthetics

The entrance door forms a thermal barrier that keeps the interior at room temperature, regardless of the outside temperature. While solid wood doors still have some nice days in front of them, they have long since been technically outdated by models built in more insulating materials. This is particularly the case of steel and aluminum which offer excellent thermal insulation. Their contemporary and sober finish allows them to fit into the aesthetics of any type of home. Industry professionals today offer a full range of steel and aluminum doors with a modern and warm design. Among the interesting insulation products is the extensive range of ThermoSafe doors offered by Hörmann. The 80 mm aluminum door frame provides optimum thermal insulation.

When it comes time to choose your new gateway, do not hesitate to call in the industry experts. Their technical approach will allow you to define and refine your criteria to find the ideal entrance for your home.

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