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I live south of the Paris region in a millstone pavilion from 90 to 95 m2 from 1956 with insulation of the time (except windows). I have a 25-year-old De Dietrich oil boiler with a hot water tank that supplies a central heating system with large cast iron radiators. The 3000 liter tank has been buried since (I think) the construction of the house and has never been cleaned for at least 25 years. I plan to install a gas Frisquet boiler. My questions are: What do you think and what type of boiler should be installed? it seems to me that for this type of central heating condensing boilers are discouraged). Is it necessary to have a hot water tank fed by the boiler or does it have to be independent powered by electricity for example?

An efficient heating system will only be optimized by good insulation and ventilation of the house. Think about it!

Gas condensing boilers are very efficient because they allow a recovery of calories during the combustion of gas. But be careful: for the condensation process to work properly, the return water from the radiators must not be too hot, which is unfortunately often the case with large cast iron radiators.

If you have room, you can opt for a separate hot water tank model. I am often in favor of a separate hot water production (by electric balloon), which avoids the operation of the boiler in "summer" mode.

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