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I planned a carport kit (carport, style 2 uneven slopes). But I find in front of a multitude of "suppliers". Which are for you the best suppliers, the criteria of selection for a good shelter?

The criteria for choosing a carport are multiple: the surface, the aesthetics, the materials, the positioning relative to the house.
The surface is obviously a function of the number of cars to park. Do not forget that a simple work authorization up to 20 m2 (40 m)2 as an extension in PLU areas). Above, a building permit is obligatory.
The aesthetic is a matter of taste, but also insertion in the immediate environment: independent carport, stuck at home, monopente, two slopes, etc.
The wood is warm but needs a little maintenance. Aluminum goes well with a modern, uncluttered, it is more expensive but maintenance free.
Price and quality are intimately linked. We find carports between 2000 and 20000 euros, and overall, the quality follows prices.
It is difficult to advise one brand over another, without forgetting that the carpenter or the local carpenter are perfectly capable of doing this type of work, at prices that can be competitive.

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