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Choosing the walls of his kitchen

When renovating a kitchen, refurbishing the walls is an essential step. So you will change the decor and atmosphere while harmonizing your walls to the new kitchen. But beware, this piece is subjected to the test of water, stains, grease and repeated cooking. That's why, this week DIYDubranche invites you to choose a wall covering perfectly adapted to the use you will make of it.

The painting

The paint seems to be the ideal coating for novice handymen as long as you make the right choices.

First of all, you will be able to see the walls that are close to the cooking stations and the water points that will require a very good quality washable and resistant paint. As for the other walls, less exposed, they will be content with a washable paint. So for the most sensitive walls, it is better to opt for a paint glycerol because the water slides on without penetrating there. In addition, this type of paint is washed in a blow of sponge, which facilitates the maintenance of the kitchen. Rates level, plan a minimum of 10 euros per liter. Nevertheless, glycerol paints are composed of toxic solvents that leave an unpleasant odor. That is why, DuitDesign strongly encourages you to opt for an ecological glycerol paint recognizable by its ecolabel.

Note also that this type of paint is more difficult to use than acrylics. This is why for the less exposed walls, it is better to opt for a fungicidal washable acrylic paint with an anti-mold film. Indeed the latter will be more pleasant, little fragrant and especially easier to use.

Count 20 euros minimum per liter. Finally do not hesitate to play on the colors by choosing several colors to brighten your kitchen.


tiled kitchen wall

Wall tiles that are most often ceramic are found in many kitchens. This traditional material is particularly appreciated for its resistance to water, stains, grease and wear. In addition, the tiles are easy and quick to maintain with a sponge. Finally, the tiling offers a wide range of choices in terms of shapes, patterns and colors, for a modern kitchen, exotic, baroque, rustic, design or old fashioned. There is also glass pane tile, just as strong as ceramic, which is used for mosaics.

However, laying tiles is a dangerous exercise that requires a minimum of experience, equipment, method and patience. Therefore, if you are new, it is better to call a professional or to direct you to another type of coating.

It should also be noted that tiling requires regular maintenance in order to prevent joints from becoming fouled. Budget question, plan at least 7 euros per square meter for low-end tiles.

The wallpaper

Increasingly widespread, wallpaper is now found in our kitchens. Nevertheless all the models are far from being adapted to the requirements of the kitchen. So a classic wallpaper will not last more than a season in the face of moisture and grease.

Here, only vinyl wallpaper is recommended. With its PVC layer, this type of paper is waterproof and can withstand the pangs of the kitchen. You will appreciate its easy maintenance coupled with its quick installation and accessible to all even beginners on condition not to opt for a patterned paper, difficult to align. Count at least ten euros per square meter for low-end vinyl wallpaper.

Finally, if you still can not decide, do not hesitate to use several types of coverings with for example a tiled splashback, a wall of wallpaper and the rest of the walls with paint.

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