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After generations of small cordless drill drivers, this manufacturer is offering a wired model again!

6222 Corded Drill-Driver

Features of the tool

Maker: Skil
Reference: 6222
Power: 400 W (0.45 A)
Speed: 0-300 / 850 / min
Max metal drilling: Ø 8 mm
Max wood drilling: Ø 10 mm
Screwing: up to Ø 6 mm
Cord length: 6 m
Weight: 1.2 kg
Price generally found: 56,90 €


Funny idea...
While we've been touting wireless for years, Skil is now releasing a wired drill-driver for light applications. Forget the stress of the batteries to recharge. And, as most often you work at home near a socket, plug into the area! With a cable 6 m long, you can move with peace of mind. It remains to be seen if this choice is the result of a marketing idea or a real need?
The same, with a thread
In principle, it's a bit like if you were presented yet another drill-driver, but this time with a power cable coming out of the bottom of the handle. Nothing exotic, the trigger falls well under the fingers, as the reverser of the direction of rotation.
On the screwing side, with twenty pre-selection positions of the tightening torque, it is possible to fine-tune the setting in all circumstances. The possibility of choosing between two mechanical speeds makes it possible to better adapt to screwing (slow speed) and drilling (fast for wood).
The chuck has a quick clamping system without tools. But the absence of automatic shaft lock requires well maintain the metal ring during tightening.
In use
The thick grip of the handle casing ensures a good grip. Triggering, on slow speed, the drilling is done smoothly without skipping. During intensive tightening tests, the motor gives no sign of loss of power, even with very long screws or in the case of screwing without pilot hole. Metal slow speed, fast speed wood and flat wick test, nothing wrong with the operation.

Product advantages

  • Good capacity for both drilling and screwing
  • The weight of the batteries in less
  • Still available

Disadvantages product

  • No automatic blocking of the motor shaft
  • Obligation to connect to the sector

Our opinion

The more eco-friendly will think that we solve here the problem of the treatment of batteries at the end of life.
In practice, the cable is not annoying, as long as you stay in the house. Outside, it's something else...

Screw and unscrew anywhere

Skil wire drill

As comfortable as a battery model, it slips easily between the beams for screwing.

Good abilities

screw with a Skil wire drill

Multiple tests of screwing and drilling on wood: the energy is always at its maximum.

Video Instruction: skil 6222 corded screwdriver / chuck wobble