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There are several types of appliances that can refresh your home: how to make the right choice?

Choose your air conditioning

Monobloc air conditioners

Monobloc air conditioning unit

Monobloc devices can cool between 30 and 35 m². They group all functions in one compact volume. Fixed, they fit into the wall of your home: half inside, half outside.
The visible outer part of the device may distort your facade, a point to consider.
Mobile, they meet limited needs in premises not exceeding 30 m².
Adapted to all budgets, they are placed and stored easily. But these devices are noisy and very energy hungry even if great progress has been made in recent years.
A flexible sheath allows to evacuate the heat but generally forces to open a window.

The split-system

Monosplit air conditioner

The monosplit includes an outdoor unit (compressor + evaporator) and an indoor unit (controls + condenser). They cool up to 40 m².
For larger areas, a multisplit system consisting of several indoor units and one outdoor unit is used. A sufficiently powerful outdoor unit can power up to six indoor units. This is the best in domestic air conditioners.
Monosplit ready-to-install models are very easy to install.

diagram of an air conditioning system

Two options to save money

Inverter technology and reversible air conditioners: cheap air conditioning

Inverter technology reduces energy costs and increases comfort. Rather than running at full speed and stopping when the comfort temperature is reached, these devices regulate their power as needed.
Reversible air conditioners are able to produce cold air in the summer months and reverse their operating mode to pulse warm air during the winter.

The hydraulic circuit

Hydraulic circuit of an air conditioner

The gas flowing between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is in closed circuit. When installing a ready-to-install model, it's up to you to do the delicate act of connecting the hydraulic circuits of the two units to allow the gas to flow from one to the other. Copper tubes are delivered concealed by special sealable fittings (PA). When the nut is screwed on, the metal diaphragms come into contact then tear: the connection is then established.
After connecting the air conditioner, perform several leak tests of the PA fittings every few hours using a spray can, air conditioner leak detector. If a leak is found, tighten the connections. If the problem persists, call the manufacturer after closing the valves and shutting down the unit. If there is no or more leakage, insulate the fittings with a self-adhesive tape.

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