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I am currently building my home. It is a wood frame where we have focused on insulation (20cm in the walls and 30cm in wood fiber roof, polystyrene slab + polyurethane foam on the floor). We wish to heat ourselves with a wood stove as the main heating even though we plan to put a floor heating that will be used if the stove is not enough. I was thinking of moving towards an Austroflamm stove (the Koko Xtra) which seems interesting to me by the ceramic it contains and which can accumulate heat (the manufacturer indicating 12h of phase shift). I would like to know what you think about this stove because the supplier present in our department had a lot of return, the cause being the cracking of the ceramic. Which stove could be equivalent to Koko xtra in terms of thermal performance?

I do not know this German manufacturer of stoves. If you have had bad feedback on this model, go to safe values ​​like Jotul.

A heated floor coupled with an air / water heat pump is very efficient and economical to use. It should be considered as the main heating and use the stove in the heat pump when it is very cold. This installation configuration opens up the tax credit on both types of heating, not the other way around. If you want to invest in a wood stove for your multi-room heating, know that there are complete systems with heat distribution throughout the house.

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