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Choose your bathtub

Invitation to relaxation and daydreaming, baths compete ingenuity to maintain their place of choice in our bathrooms. In direct competition with shower cabins, they have evolved and adapted to our way of life. Compact, high-tech, exotic or design, bathtubs still have a bright future. To help you find the model of your dreams HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover the panorama of bathtubs of the 21st century.

The choice of materials

Bathtubs: the materials

Resistant and heavy, cast iron bathtubs make their comeback in our interiors. With their deliciously retro look, they are more and more followers. While they are easy to maintain, they do not heat well, contrary to what many dealers claim. Regret that they are incompatible with balneo systems despite relatively high prices (from 1000 euros on average). Light and cheap, steel models are noisy, slippery and fragile, far behind acrylic bathtubs. Insulating and easy to maintain, these are more and more frequent. Offering a wide range of colors and easily adjustable, acrylic bathtubs remain very affordable. Only downside, a great sensitivity to scratches, shocks and chemicals. In reinforced acrylic, bathtubs called Toplax offer the advantage of being ultra light and fully recyclable. Design and modern, waxed concrete bathtubs are reliable and durable. Silent, modular and elegant, they allow us all the decorative fantasies. One imperative: an extremely solid floor. As exotic as aesthetic, wooden bathtubs we come straight from Japan. Still little known to the general public, they have nothing to envy to their competitors, except a somewhat restrictive maintenance and an above-average purchase price.

The choice of shapes

The choice of shapes

Classic and mat, square bathtubs find their place in all bathrooms. Ideal for small bathrooms, some models fit in a handkerchief. Available in different formats, are the most common and the cheapest. Slightly rounded, corner baths offer significant space savings while being spacious and comfortable. To book large rooms, it requires a lot of space and high prices. Round, oval, asymmetrical, futuristic, luminous or ergonomic design bathtubs and upscale do not stop innovating and adorn themselves with their finery to seduce the aesthetes.

The choice of accessories

Bathtub, the choice of accessories

Essential element of the bath, the faucet must be chosen with the greatest care, in adequacy with the style of your bathroom. On the side or the front of the bath, it's up to you. Then comes the famous showerhead, with one or more jets for more pleasure. Before you crack for an ultra-sophisticated model, make sure your boiler has enough pressure; without that do not expect to get good performance. If you have young children or some balance problems, do not forget the non-slip mat that will save you a lot of trouble. There are also grab bars to help the elderly get up. Add some plastic ducks, a bathtub bridge and you will finally be ready to splash around with confidence!

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