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Choose your intercom

The intercom is a near-essential accessory to ensure the security of housing and its inhabitants. To see without being seen or heard without speaking, it allows to discover the identity of its visitors and decide to open the door without having to move. Good markets or ultra advanced, intercoms offer a wide range of choices and options of all kinds.

Intercom audio or video?

Intercom audio or video?

Just like the telephone, the audio intercoms allow to discuss with the visitors. Cheap and easy to install, they offer less security than video intercoms. Nevertheless, they are amply enough to inquire about the identity of his interlocutor. For seniors or the hard of hearing, it is better and safer to invest in a video model.

At the forefront of technology, video intercoms, or videophones, keep an eye out of the home. For even greater safety, some models are equipped with a wide-angle camera, or with infrared vision.

Doorman with or without wire?

Wireless video door entry

As part of a replacement or when the distance between the turntable and the handset is too great, wired intercoms are preferred. However, this solution is binding in terms of installation, because it requires bleeding to hide the son, but also an electrical installation, properly connected to the electrical panel of the building. In addition, wireless intercoms are much easier to install because the deck and the interior console are powered by batteries and communicate by radio waves. Different spans are available depending on the model, with a maximum of 200 meters in free field.

The intercom options

Whether audio or video, intercoms offer many options to improve your comfort. Most of the recent models offer a vast choice of ringtones and control of openings by locks. In addition, the video models have screens of different sizes, even XXL models of more than 18 cm side. They can also offer the option of storing visitors that allows you to record an image each time a person rings on the intercom. Thus, it is possible to visualize who rang at home during your absence. It is usually linked to the presence of a memory card to store photos. Some models even offer to transform the internal screen into a digital photo frame, always using a memory card like that of your digital camera.

If you live in a building or a condominium, know that you must obtain the agreement of the trustee to decide on the installation of a new intercom.

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