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Choose your soldering iron

Very useful for connecting parts, the electric soldering iron requires no special knowledge. It consists of a heater heated by an electrical resistance (the heating system) and an insulating handle. Quite cheap, a soldering iron will cost you between 3 and 30 euros depending on the model.

Depending on the type of materials you want to weld you will not use the same breakdown.

For electronics and everyday work, you need a curved tip
For textiles, a nylon cut tip
For wood pyrography, a flat tip

At each work his soldering iron

For small electrical work and model making a slow soldering iron, a power of 30W is more than enough.

Choose your soldering iron: soldering

For medium electrical welds and tinplate it is advisable to have a fast iron with a power of 45W.
For thin sheet metal, zinc and plumbing, use a 150W iron.

Choose your soldering iron: choose

For wires with a diameter greater than 8mm and sheets of 10mm you need an iron with a power of 200W.
For welds that do not have to suffer from heat like electronic circuits, an instant iron, also known as a soldering gun, is ideal, and it offers great security.

Choose your soldering iron: soldering

Video Instruction: Soldering basics and choosing a cheap soldering iron.