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Choose your automatic watering system.

As the price of a cubic meter of city water continues to increase, it is important to take the watering of your garden seriously. Contrary to what one might think, automated irrigation is an ecological solution to maintain your garden without getting tired and without wasting. One distinguishes mainly the buried systems, with the heavy and expensive installation, intended for the big spaces, and the systems of surface, more accessible for the private individuals. That's why, this week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to choose a surface sprinkler adapted to your needs

The fixed sprinkler.

Fixed sprinkler

The fixed jet sprinkler gives you a fine and constant rain. It pricks itself or simply lands on the ground. It is generally used for small spaces but also for fragile plants, seedlings and flowers. It offers the advantage of being relatively cheap and easy to install. Regret that he is sensitive to winds and that he has a high flow. You will find fixed sprinklers from eight euros in DIY superstores.

The rotary sprinkler.

The rotating sprinkler, also called the turnstile consists of two rotating arms operated under the pressure of water. They provide the most homogeneous watering on an area of ​​five to twenty meters in diameter. With their adjustable tripod they are suitable for watering shrubs and plants as well as soil. You will appreciate its easy installation, its interesting aesthetics as well as its silent operation. Count around eighteen euros each.

The drip sprinkler.

The drip sprinkler

Drip irrigation is a technique that involves directly watering the roots with pipes connected to an irrigation plant. Economical and practical, it offers your plantations a very localized water supply. This prevents weeds from growing and greatly limits waste. It adapts to all types of crops, except trees with too old roots and lawns and is not suitable for too large areas. Easy to install, it displays relatively low rates, from twenty-two euros the all-inclusive kit. Be careful though the limestone waters that are likely to plug the holes of the sprinkler.


Micro-spraying involves rotating a fine, pressure-based rain over a wide distance. This watering system is ideal for delicate plants and large flower beds. Elegant and discreet, he blends gracefully into the landscape, where he moves and moves very simply. On the other hand, this system seems to be more fragile than those previously mentioned and presents more risks of clogging when the sprinkler is placed on the ground. Lot of several sprinklers by micro-sprinkler are available from five euros.

Once your automatic irrigation network has been implemented, it is necessary to know how to use it correctly to limit the waste as by starting it in the evening, which prevents evaporation of the water. And to fully automate your irrigation system, it is possible to connect a programmer directly to your water supply.

Video Instruction: How to Install a Automatic Drip Irrigation System in a Raised Bed Garden