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Choose rolling shutters.

Roller shutters are occultation devices invented in the last century. They are composed of articulated slats which are wrapped around a drum located in a formwork placed above the window. This system is becoming increasingly popular and offers a wide range of models, mechanisms and materials. To help you find the one that suits you, this week, HandymanDuanche outlines the shutters.

The different models.

The different models

There are two major families of roller shutters: so-called "traditional" or "classic" models, and "renovation" models. The classic shutters, which are the most widespread, are generally used during the construction or the complete renovation of a room. They integrate directly into the frame of the window, in other words in the thickness of the wall. These shutters offer you a maximum of discretion, while ensuring an optimal seal. In contrast, the renovation shutters are added to an existing window. Here the formwork can be fixed inside or outside the window. This solution has the advantage of being installed easily, but in return it imposes an unattractive rendering.

The different mechanisms.

The different mechanisms

The shutters can be maneuvered with different types of mechanisms according to your tastes. Thus, they can be operated manually, which is often the case for metal security shutters that are found in front of shop windows. They can also operate using a strap or crank system, economic but binding mechanisms. You can also opt for an electric motor to raise and lower your shutters without effort, or even operate remotely. This installation offers the advantage of limiting the constraints of use, but it shows its limits in case of power failure, not to mention the failures that are commonplace. Finally, the solar shutters offer you the same advantages as the electric shutters, but remain relatively anecdotal. Note that they are not yet fully developed, especially in terms of their batteries that seem unreliable in the long term.

The different materials.

The different materials

Shutter slats are usually made of PVC or aluminum. PVC seems to be the most economical material of both but also the most efficient in terms of thermal and sound insulation. In addition, it requires no maintenance and weatherproof, provided to opt for high-end shutters. We regret, however, that PVC does not cover large areas and offers little choice in terms of color. On the contrary, aluminum comes in many colors to embellish your facade and is ideal for large shutters. The main disadvantage of aluminum however remains its tariffs, twenty percent higher than PVC.

Finally, before you stop on a specific model, do not forget to check that it meets the NF standard guaranteeing the quality of the product. If this is not the case, we advise you to look for other shutters.

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