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Cost, resistance, maintenance are all factors to consider before choosing your portal. Advantages and disadvantages of the most used materials.

Choosing the right material for your portal

Wooden gate

Wooden gate

Advantages of wood:

Its robustness and its environmental advantages. Especially if it has FSC or PEFC labels. Choose exotic rot-proof essences, or European treated woods
IFH (insecticide, fungicide and water repellent) or THT (high temperature and chemical free treatment) that require less maintenance.

Disadvantages of wood:

His interview. European woods require one to two coats of stain or microporous paint (no varnish) once a year. Exotic woods and composites tend to be drunk and often cost a little more. The installation must be irreproachable to avoid rising water stagnant threatening the rotting structure.

PVC gate

PVC gate

Advantages of PVC:

Its lightness and maneuverability. Easy to install, PVC gates do not require any maintenance, treatment or special protection. They do not rust and scratch themselves. Among the most economical, PVC fences are often sold in kit ready to mount, and therefore very easy to install.

Disadvantages of PVC:

His fragility. PVC fences and gates are not very shock resistant. They can be reinforced with a metal frame visible (unattractive) or integrated (more expensive). The appearance "plastic" can also displease: the choice of colors is limited, only white and beige are resistant to UV, others tend to yellow.

Aluminum gate

Aluminum gate

Advantages of aluminum:

Easy maintenance and durability. Like PVC, it does not require any special protection. In addition, this 100% recyclable material is highly resistant to oxidation. It is waterproof and will not rust. The possibilities in terms of colors and textures are very wide (it even imitates wood). Strong and lightweight, aluminum gates are easy to handle and install.

Disadvantages of aluminum:

Its price higher than the previous examples. The cheapest models on the market are more fragile, they resist bad shocks and can easily get bumpy. To overcome this fragility, aluminum is most often combined with another metal, such as manganese.

Iron or steel gate

Iron gate

Advantages of iron and steel:

Its aesthetics and its solidity. These stylish portals embellish many accessories and decorations and offer a wide range of shapes and colors. The standard steel models, which are stronger than iron, are also more expensive but still treated with anticorrosion. Iron fences are strong and durable. Openwork models can receive a simple feasting to serve as a screen.

Disadvantages of iron and steel:

The price of made-to-measure models, the maintenance of iron and the weight of steel. The iron rust easily and requires two coats of polyurethane paint and an anticorrosive treatment every four years. Steel models, unprotected, corrode to the sea air.

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