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As part of a new construction I am obliged to install a micro wastewater treatment plant for my individual sanitation. The manufacturer offers me an Aquameris AQ2 microstation Sebico group. What do you think? Is it reliable ?. What are the good questions that must be asked when buying and installing this type of equipment?

Aquameris AQ2 microstation is a compact process for the biological treatment of domestic pollution. It is specifically designed for large flow variations observed in single-family homes. This system complies with the ANC decree of 7 September 2009, which sets the technical requirements applicable to non-collective sanitation installations. It is a reputed reliable brand. The proposal of your constructor is therefore coherent.
It must be ensured that the VSAT capacity matches the equipment in the house and the number of occupants expected, but normally the builder will have already done this check. Finally, it is not useless to question the SPANC valid this type of material...

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