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Choose a shower or bath model

The bathroom is a real living room, where the equipment must be carefully selected. From the simple shower stall to the whirlpool tub, the choice is vast and is limited only by the space available and the budget you can devote to it.


  1. The showers
  2. Baths

The showers

Simple shower
She understands

  • a receptacle, made of ceramic (more rarely in sheet steel) enamelled or synthetic material;
  • faucet, hose, showerhead and apple holder (fixed or adjustable);
  • a bung-siphon assembly ensuring the evacuation of water;
  • a curtain or a cabin.

Depending on its layout, the shower is to be installed in full panel or corner (to save space).

Simple (left) or very elaborate (right), the corner shower cabin avoids the loss of space.

Simple (left) or very elaborate (right), the corner shower cabin avoids the loss of space.

Cab pre-assembled or pre-equipped

Cab pre-assembled or pre-equipped

Pre-assembled cabin
There are pre-assembled cabins including the different components listed above. These are more or less elaborate sets ranging from the cabin with a lacquered sheet steel tank and a very simple faucet, to the most refined models, integrating, in column form, a complex device with a hydromassage pot and nozzles modular jets of the highest comfort.

Choose a shower or bath model: bath

Cab pre-equipped
The traditional sheet metal cabin all mounted, pre-equipped with its faucet remains topical. It is often a basic model, suitable for occasional use (guest room, second home). Its tray and walls are painted or enamelled sheet metal, and it closes with a simple curtain or a sliding door. Its price and ease of installation are among its advantages.

Shower facilities

Shower facilities

A hydro-massage apple adjustable jets is already a significant improvement of the hand shower. Note however that it is not recommended if your water is very calcareous (and if you do not have a minimum of treatment equipment), because its water distribution holes will soon be clogged. and their cleaning is not always possible (unlike the grill of an ordinary hand shower, which you just have to remove for that).
In the shower as above the bath, the holding handle is an important safety accessory for children as well as for the elderly.


The materials constituting the bath have diversified

  • enamelled cast iron now belongs to the past;
  • enamelled steel is one of the classic materials still very much used (it is solid and cheap);
  • synthetic materials (acrylic resins in particular) that allow all fantasies in terms of shape and color.

The dressing of the bathtub is for many in the aesthetic quality of your sanitary installation. The surrounding bathtub, usually tiled, is mounted on panels, plasterboard or blocks of polystyrene (to form for example a step).
Always ensure that an inspection hatch, easily removable, allows convenient access to the drain plug and the faucet in case of technical problems; otherwise, it will break much of the dressing the first time you have to intervene seriously on the siphon.

Choose a shower or bath model: model

Bathtub made of synthetic material
Plastics and especially acrylic resins have significantly changed the shape and therefore the style of bathtubs. The latter, asymmetrical and angled, also allows significant space savings.

Choose a shower or bath model: model

Liner style cabin
The technology applied to the equipment of the steamer cabins allows the realization of compact sets very easy to install in a small space. Here a version for disabled person.

Baths with massaging bath
The baths with massaging bath are directly derived from the balneotherapy. Originally designed to heal, they have an undeniable relaxing effect providing an additional element of comfort. Note that this type of installation must offer guarantees of impeccable hygiene: the system is based on the principle of recycling water and mixing it with air taken from the bathroom.
Bacterial risk conditions are therefore met if the equipment does not have a certain number of equipment such as non-return valve injectors, self-cleaning of the internal pipes, ozone treatment of the circuit, etc.

Choose a shower or bath model: choose

Bathtubs inspired by balneotherapy equipment are now part of the comfort equipment of many homes. Take care to opt for quality equipment, whose controls are easily accessible and offering all the guarantees of hygiene.

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