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Choosing the oven for your kitchen

Far from the bread ovens of our grandmothers, today's traditional ovens display a maximum of options. Real little jewels of technology and design, some models are selling at a high price. Capacity, type of cooking, maintenance or food are all points to consider before cracking in front of the first oven come. To help you find the right oven, HandymanDuenchie invites you to ask the right questions.

Gas oven or electricity?

More ecological but also economical, the gas heats up quickly but also makes it possible to simmer delicious little dishes. Not always easy or convenient to use, it tends to disappear in favor of electricity. With many cooking options, the electric is much more comfortable and efficient than gas, but is more expensive to purchase and over time.

Convection oven or multifunction?

Convection oven or multifunction?

Equipped with two resistances, one high and one below, the convection ovens are suitable for surface cooking or slow cooking. If their rates are relatively affordable, they consume a lot of energy. In addition, they do not cook two different dishes at the same time, unlike their multifunctional counterparts. Combining convection and convection heat, they offer a perfectly homogeneous cooking and a multitude of different cooking while limiting the time of preheating. Ideal for blue cords and even Sunday cooks, this type of oven has excellent performance to advise anyone who can afford it.

Catalytic or pyrolysis furnace?

Because it is never pleasant to put the head in the oven to clean it, we advise you to forget about manual cleaning. By heating to over 500° C, pyrolysis ovens remove all grease and other residues for total cleaning. A little less efficient, but also much cheaper, the catalytic furnaces rise up to 200° C for partial degreasing still requiring manual cleaning.

Note, however, that pyrolysis consumes much more energy than catalysis.

Catalytic or pyrolysis furnace?

built-in oven or free?

Depending on the space available and the configuration of your kitchen you have to opt for a free or built-in model. Large, free ovens are to be reserved for spacious or unstructured rooms. As for the built-in models, they slide easily under a worktop or hotplates.

Add to the list the mini ovens, which allow significant space savings and sometimes offer excellent performance.

What options should I choose for an oven?

Portholes, lights, cold door (convenient for children), integrated cooking program or electronic thermostat, the options are not lacking! More or less useful, it is always obvious to make the difference.

To avoid getting caught by a seller in need of a contract, HandymanDuDimanche strongly invites you to make your own identification on the net, where you will find many items at a reduced price.

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