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In decoration, there are two types of colors: warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors are synonymous with warmth, energy and well-being. They include red, orange and yellow. On the contrary, cold colors are associated with freshness, calm and calm. We find blue, purple and some shades of green.

You have to know that the colors are complementary! Thus, each hot color will be complementary with a cold color, and vice versa.

Warm color VS cold color?

White : perfect to illuminate and enlarge a room, it also allows many fantasies in terms of decoration (colorful paintings, original objects, antique furniture...). However, if you have little furniture, this color can accentuate the feeling of emptiness.

Red: known for its dynamism, this color attracts attention. Be careful though, the red can also annoy and shrink the space. This color is therefore to be used sparingly. You can for example apply it in a corridor, or in a living room by making it less "strong". For this, you can apply only on a part of a wall to bring dynamism, or mix it with its complementary color to mitigate it. By mixing red with green, you will get a dark rose or a burgundy.

Green If your room has wooden elements (light or dark), go for green. Indeed, this association will create a chic atmosphere. In addition, green is a relaxing color, associated with well-being and concentration, so it fits well in a room.

Orange: this color will make your home warm. You can use it in a living room as the living room. If you have trouble with raw orange, steer yourself to lighter tones like salmon, or darker like coral.

Yellow: by painting your walls in the color of the sun, you will illuminate your room and create a warm atmosphere, where life is good. Remember to use it if your room is north or if your apartment is on the ground floor and has low natural light.

Blue: it adapts particularly to the rooms of water and the rooms thanks to its restful and relaxing qualities. In addition, it will create an impression of grandeur in the room.

Grey: calm and sophisticated, it will bring chic to your room. You can use it easily in the living room, the kitchen or even a room.

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