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Choose an awning.

As summer approaches, awnings, also known as awnings, or patio blinds are back in DIY and home furnishing stores. Easy to install, effective and discreet, they seem to be the ideal solution to protect themselves from the sun or showers, provided you choose the right model. That's why, this week, HandymanDuanche gives you all the information you need to buy a awning that meets your expectations.

Choose the formwork of an awning.

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Formwork is an important part of the awning because it greatly affects its service life. Because of this, it must be chosen with the utmost care. First prize, monobloc models roll up on themselves and have no protection. Their canvas is therefore permanently exposed to the weather which quickly damages them. It is however possible to store them indoors during the winter season. At the entry level, awning awnings have an advance in aluminum that comes to be placed at the top of the canvas, partially protecting it, but exposing it all the same to the vagaries of the weather. It is therefore preferable to opt for a cassette model or a half-formwork which for an almost equivalent price, offers full protection of the fabric. Thus, you will avoid the appearance of stains and foam. Finally, in the high end, awnings formwork offer total protection of the awning, fabric and frames included, to last for many years.

Choose the canvas of a banne awning.

It is the canvas awning which acts as a bulwark against the sun's rays but also against the rain, so you have to think carefully before deciding. The first thing to consider is the density of the canvas, the denser it is and the stronger it will be. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to opt for a model of 280g / m² minimum for occasional use and more than 300g / m² for regular use. We must also look at the material of the canvas. Namely that acrylic displays the best properties both in terms of robustness and resistance to ultraviolet rays. In addition, the polypropylene which is much cheaper also proves less aesthetic and less resistant to both the test of time and ultraviolet light as the polyester. As for cotton, its colors tend to fade quickly. Finally, there have been for ten years of high-performance micro-fiber fabrics that can regulate heat and light. Regret that their rates are relatively high.

Choose the mechanism of a awning.

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Manual or automatic? That is the question when it comes to choosing the mechanism of a awning. By choosing a crank model, from 150 euros, you will save money, but you will put your arms to the test. Indeed, you will need no less than 80 crank turns to unfold a small store. Among the manual blinds, you will need to choose between relatively noisy chain models, regular greasing or silent and maintenance-free cable models. For more comfort, it is better to invest in an electric model, wired or radio wave from 600 euros on average. Namely that the wired systems require a specific installation to be put in place at the same time as the blind while the radio wave systems can be added to an existing installation. Wireless, radio waves are much more aesthetic, but also more practical, because they work with a remote control allowing you to control the blind wherever you are in your home. In addition, this type of awning allows you to take advantage of many options such as wind, rain or sun sensors, so that your awning is automatically adjusted to the changing climate. Count about 150 euros extra.

Once your awning is chosen, you will still have to solve the thorny question of its installation. If the installation of a manual awning is quite accessible to the DIYers on Sunday, however that of an electric blind must be done by a qualified professional.

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